No more condos?

There’s been a big property-for-sale sign up in front of the lot for a few weeks. Guess we’re not getting neighbors.

Great K4-8th Grade school not far from Parkshore III

If you are looking for an alternative to the public schools in the area, we have found a wonderful school not far from Parkshore III. It is Saint John Catholic School – web site Our two sons are attending there now. It is a tiny school — about 70 students — so the class sizes are very small. This has worked out extremely well for our 6 year old, who is very far ahead of his age-peers academically. Last year the school was able to customize his curriculum and give him 2nd grade work, while keeping him with his age-peers for socialization in Kindergarten class. We considered many other schools before we stumbled upon this hidden treasure!

Condos update?

Has anybody heard anything new on the condos proposed for the frontage road? I haven’t seen any progress lately.

And now….baby birds!

The storm last night knocked down a bird’s nest on Paddington Circle, stranding a family of birds under some bushes. We called Bird Rescue and they said the birds would be OK.

Baby Raccoon Visits Paddington Circle

Yesterday a baby raccoon spent much of the morning peering into a Paddington Circle kitchen window, before the nice folks from Animal Control came to take it to be tested for rabies. It was scruffy, but very cute. Check out the picture.

Happy summer

It’s been quiet around here lately, which is just fine with me. If you have anything to say, see the bottom of the page to get an account, or email us at