I-526 impacts on Parkshore III

This was forwarded from a neighborhood further down Sam Ritt, but seems to apply to us as well. I haven’t researched it or attended one of the information sessions, so if you know more, please add a comment.

“If you have not attended an I-526 public hearing, please try to. Unfortunately for our District, every alternative tends to increase traffic on Hwy 7, Sam Rittenberg and Orange Grove by a minimum of 10%. Our area is essentially a cut through, cutting the corner if you will from I-26 to the junction of I-526 and 17 South. As this process continues, I believe we need to become more active in working with the State, County and City in traffic calming from the bridge to Carriage Lane on one side and to Ashley Hall Rd. on the other. Even now, it is difficult for bicyclist and pedestrians to cross this speedway and given an increased volume, negotiating it will be near impossible.”