Dorian visits

Hurricane Dorian followed the same path along the coast that Hurricane Michael did a few years ago, but brought higher winds and less flooding. A quick survey of the neighborhood suggests that oak trees were the big victim this time. No serious damage was noted. No flooding other than some large puddles in the street. Here are a few of the more dramatic trees.

You can use this link to report damage (downed trees, flooding, downed utility lines, etc) to the City of Charleston:
You can also upload photos as part of your submission. Stay safe!

Ouch. Missed the cars though
Blocking Windsor
Blocking the entrance
More poorly rooted trees at the office building
Downed utility pole on Poston Rd.
Tree on Poston Rd

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  1. Great pictures, Tom. You should work for the Post & Courier since your pictures are even better than theirs. Thanks for keeping us apprised of what is happening in Park Shore 3.

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