New Landscaping Contract Coming in June 2009 – Expanded Service for a Lower Price

Over the past few months, we solicited bids for the island maintenance on Poston Road. Four bids were submitted, all of which were for a lower cost than our previous contract. In addition to reducing the costs, as a bonus, the service was expanded to the two small islands within the neighborhood. The new company, Evans Enterprises, is anxious to do a great job and be well received by the community. Please send any comments you have on the new service (once they have had a chance to begin) to parkshore3 (no spaces) so we can gauge satisfaction with the new company’s service and provide them with the feedback necessary to meet our needs. They will be visiting the islands monthly to do routine trimming, debris cleanup, weeding and weed prevention as well as applying pine straw twice a year. If you haven’t yet participated in the community landscaping fund, please do so as soon as you can so we can continue this service that helps maintain the value of our homes.