Repaving only half the neighborhood?

The equipment was all packed out on Saturday afternoon, and I haven't seen it since. Windsor, Birmingham, Marble Arch, and Tudor were paved; Charing Cross, Paddington, Leichester, and Portsmouth weren't touched. No idea if they're coming back.

It looked like a County job, so I've sent the County a note asking about this.

Repaving is going on now!

I guess that stimulus money moves quickly... we came home this afternoon to find someone milling the street in anticipation of repaving it.

I highly recommend you park off the street tomorrow, and get your garbage and recycling containers inside as soon as you can tomorrow.

I do not know if this will impact the garbage and recycling pickup schedule, but I doubt it.

2009 Neighborhood Fees

We have sent out the letter for the 2009 Neighborhood fees. Please show your support of the neighborhood by paying.

Web server upgrade

Made some changes here... hopefully you won't notice anything.

No more condos?

There's been a big property-for-sale sign up in front of the lot for a few weeks. Guess we're not getting neighbors.

Another Missing Cat - Help find Meena

Meena is a 16 pound, neutered black and white, fluffy male cat. He was lost in Parkshore III on March 14th, 2008. His owners are offering a reward and can be contacted at 766-7929 or 860-1283.

Lost Cat

Condo progress?

They've started clearing the site for the condos. The gas line hasn't been moved yet.

Great K4-8th Grade school not far from Parkshore III

If you are looking for an alternative to the public schools in the area, we have found a wonderful school not far from Parkshore III. It is Saint John Catholic School - web site Our two sons are attending there now. It is a tiny school -- about 70 students -- so the class sizes are very small. This has worked out extremely well for our 6 year old, who is very far ahead of his age-peers academically.

Condos update?

Has anybody heard anything new on the condos proposed for the frontage road? I haven't seen any progress lately.


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