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I think things are working again.. let me know if they aren't..

Remember to lock your car doors

A neighbor found a few empty wallets in her bushes this weekend. It looks like they may have been taken from a parked car. Don't make it easy for the bad guys, and if you see something, call the cops.

Helicopter found!

Good news -- we found Peter's helicopter deep in a bush. Thanks to everybody who kept an eye out for it.

Lost Helicopter

If anyone finds a helicopter that has red on it and "Gryphon" (about 1 foot long and 6-8 inches high), Peter G on Paddington Circle will be forever grateful. He got it for his birthday and lost it flying around the neighborhood. It might drop out of a tree into a bush or something. Thanks!!

Beware of Solicitors - see below


Alert #: 18242
Door-to-Door Solicitors


29401, 29403, 29407, 29412, 29414, 29455, 29492

General Information

Neighborhood Presidents and Residents:

2011 neighborhood contributions

In January we put out the call for your contributions to the upkeep of the neighborhood's common areas. Thank you to those who have replied so far. We'll send out a reminder to the rest of you soon.

If you need any sort of receipt beyond your cancelled check, please let me know.

Dangerous weather last night

Last night's thunderstorm set a small shed on fire, destroying it completely. Neighbors quickly manned garden hoses and got the fire under control, but there was a good bit of damage to the adjacent house's vinyl siding. Ironically the city garbage can that sat next to the shed was undamaged.

Sorry about the outage...

I tweaked the firewall rules and forgot this site is running on a different database server than the others.

Beware of unlicensed vendors!

I got a call about a girl allegedly trying to sell windshield repair services door-to-door. I asked the police about it and got this response:

"Coast to Coast Auto-Glass. The do not have City required Peddlers' Permits. Google their company name and you probably won't want to do business with them. Call Police when they come around so we can cite them or at least get rid of them. 577-7434."

In addition to their potentially selling a defective product, this type of activity might also be a scouting mission for other bad deeds.

Lock your doors and keep your eyes open...

One of the nice things about our neighborhood is that it's a nice, out-of-the-way place that's generally pretty quiet.

But we do need to remember to lock our doors and keep our eyes open. There are lots of contractors in-and-out all week; you probably recognize most of them. But other people slip in too, and may not have our best interests in mind. If you have a question about anybody you see, drop us a note and we'll see if anybody else has an issue with them .


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