Are you a member?

In January we sent out letters to all PS3 residents inviting them to join the neighborhood association. If you haven't joined yet, please consider the benefits and join.

Happy New Year!

And thanks to Carol and Okey for hosting a drop-in social at their house yesterday. It was good to see everybody. We'll probably have another block party in the spring as well.

Alarm system reviews

This site reviewing home security systems was brought to my attention:

I haven't dug too deeply into it and it doesn't seem to cover some of the local providers, but you may find it helpful.

Parkshore III block party!

We are going to have a Parkshore III block party! The tentative date is April 21st from 4-6pm. Paper products will be provided, but food and drink is BYO / Potluck (everyone please bring a dish to share). Hope for good weather and come out to meet your neighbors! If you have tables / chairs, it would be great to bring them. More info will be disseminated before the event.

Do you want speed humps in Parkshore III?

The city has placed 2 black boxes on Windsor. The boxes will be used to count the number of cars on Windsor as well as the speed at which the cars are traveling. They will use this info to determine if we need speed bumps. The city has received a call from a resident in our neighborhood requesting speed bumps due to speeding cars on Windsor Drive. Please drive slowly in Parkshore III.

Get the Kindle edition of our neighbor, Ed Droge's book for free

I just noticed that Ed Droge's book, Charleston Miracles, is on Amazon with a free kindle price today.
I don't know how long it will last, but there you go!

Run, Hide, Fight - Surviving an Active Shooter Event – Training Video

Run, Hide, Fight - Surviving an Active Shooter Event – Training Video

An Active Shooter Event - whether it be in a business environment, a shopping center, or a school - requires immediate action by those present to survive until Law Enforcement can arrive.

Web server updated!

I think things are working again.. let me know if they aren't..

Remember to lock your car doors

A neighbor found a few empty wallets in her bushes this weekend. It looks like they may have been taken from a parked car. Don't make it easy for the bad guys, and if you see something, call the cops.

Helicopter found!

Good news -- we found Peter's helicopter deep in a bush. Thanks to everybody who kept an eye out for it.


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