The final resurfacing is imminent

These notices have gone in mailboxes. Get your cars and stuff off the street for the next two days, and expect delays getting in and out of the neighborhood.

Completion of the Repaving of Roads in Parkshore III to Begin July 13th

Word around the neighborhood is that the rest of the Parkshore III roads will be repaved starting Monday, July 13th. They would like all cars to be off the streets by 7AM Monday.

New Landscaping Contract Coming in June 2009 - Expanded Service for a Lower Price

Over the past few months, we solicited bids for the island maintenance on Poston Road. Four bids were submitted, all of which were for a lower cost than our previous contract. In addition to reducing the costs, as a bonus, the service was expanded to the two small islands within the neighborhood. The new company, Evans Enterprises, is anxious to do a great job and be well received by the community.

I-526 impacts on Parkshore III

This was forwarded from a neighborhood further down Sam Ritt, but seems to apply to us as well. I haven't researched it or attended one of the information sessions, so if you know more, please add a comment.

2009 Neighborhood Fees update

So far only 25 of our 65 homes have participated, which is less than 40%. We can do better than that. I'll be sending out reminder letters soon. Paying incrementally is acceptable, if you don't want to pay everything at once.

Here comes the weather....

Hopefully it will wash away some pollen...

(image from the Weather Underground)

The scoop on Parkshore III resurfacing

I talked with Eric from the County Public Works, and he says the resurfacing will be completed.

The work already done was part of a project from last year. The budget for that project ran out in the middle of our neighborhood.

There is new money from the half-cent sales tax available, and the County has put out for bids to complete our streets. The contract should be awarded in a month, then the contractor has 200 days to complete the work.

So we'll get resurfaced by the end of the year, but we don't know anything more than that.

Repaving only half the neighborhood?

The equipment was all packed out on Saturday afternoon, and I haven't seen it since. Windsor, Birmingham, Marble Arch, and Tudor were paved; Charing Cross, Paddington, Leichester, and Portsmouth weren't touched. No idea if they're coming back.

It looked like a County job, so I've sent the County a note asking about this.

Repaving is going on now!

I guess that stimulus money moves quickly... we came home this afternoon to find someone milling the street in anticipation of repaving it.

I highly recommend you park off the street tomorrow, and get your garbage and recycling containers inside as soon as you can tomorrow.

I do not know if this will impact the garbage and recycling pickup schedule, but I doubt it.

2009 Neighborhood Fees

We have sent out the letter for the 2009 Neighborhood fees. Please show your support of the neighborhood by paying.


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